Wednesday 29 June 2022

Bridge Gift Ideas for UK players

Presents For UK Bridge Players

If your friend or relative enjoys playing bridge then you will never be short of ideas for presents.

There are presents for bridge players to suit all budgets from just a few pounds upwards.  There are fun gifts and useful gifts, large gifts and small gifts, but you will always find something that you know will be appreciated and used.

Playing Cards

What do all bridge players who enjoy playing socially with friends need?  Playing cards.

What better gift for a bridge playing friend or relative than a nice set of playing cards.  The chances are that your friend usually buys cheap cards that all look the same.  Treat your friend to a nice, high quality, set of cards.  Some of these cards come with beautiful pictures on the reverse side.  You can't beat the feel of holding and playing with high quality playing cards and they make the perfect gift for a bridge player at an affordable price.

There are two basic types of card you can buy - standard index and jumbo index.  The jumbo index cards have larger numbers and suit symbols, making them easier to read for anyone with sight difficulties.

Here are a selection of beautiful playing cards.  All the cards here are available through Amazon UK.  If you purchase from a link here I will receive a small commission.  This doesn't affect the price you pay.

Jumbo Index Playing Cards

Perfect for anyone who has difficulty reading regular index cards.  The suit symbols and numbers on these jumbo index cards are large to make them easier to read.  These make it easier for you or your friend/relative to see which cards have been played on each round, making it easier for you to concentrate on deciding which card to play.

Standard Index UK
Regular playing cards make a great gift for most bridge players. The size of text that most players are used to using in clubs, at home or at friends' houses. Most of the cards shown here have fun backs - a talking point and something to brighten your day when you are hosting a bridge game with friends or family.

Bridge Score Cards And Pens

Anyone who enjoys hosting bridge games will appreciate the gift of a set of bridge score cards and/or a set of bridge themed pens. The score cards are an essential item for anyone who takes their bridge games seriously and the pens are a fun and useful item - what better way to keep score than with a bridge themed pen?

Bridge Bidding Boxes

Bridge bidding boxes are widely used by both social and serious bridge players.  All possible bridge bids are contained in the box and it makes your bid easy to see for all players in the game.  Anyone with hearing difficulties will appreciate the use of these - no need to keep asking your fellow players to repeat their bid as it is clearly visible for all to see.

Playing Card Holders  

An ideal bridge gift for anyone who has difficulty holding a hand of 13 cards. A playing card holder makes organising your cards easy. Just sit them in the holder and you can take them out one at a time. No dropping your cards, or struggling to fan them so you can see them. Also ideal for anyone that can only use one hand.


Bridge Themed Tea Towels And Mugs

If you're hosting a bridge game these fun tea towels might encourage your guests to help with the washing up.

A set of bridge themed mugs is a fun way to enjoy your tea break - along with the inevitable cakes that I'm sure you baked for your guests.

Bridge Themed Table Napkins and Coasters

No game of bridge in a friend's house is complete without a good tea/coffee break and a slice of cake.  (Admit it - that's one of the reasons why you go, isn't it?)

These table napkins make a fun addition to the tea break and are useful to stop sticky fingers from damaging your playing cards, whilst the coasters prevent rings damaging your bridge table or dining table.


Let's face it, everyone likes a bit of bling in their life and bridge players are no different.  These bridge themed jewellery items are sure to bring a smile to the face of the lucky recipient.

Miscellaneous Gifts for Bridge Players
The ones that don't fit into any of the categories above!