Monday, 28 March 2016

Gifts For Bridge Players

If your friend or relative enjoys a game of bridge then instead of buying them socks, gloves, scarves, soap, candles or any of the usual gifts, why not buy them something they can use and enjoy as part of their hobby?

On this blog you will find a range of gifts that most bridge players will enjoy owning and will use. Gifts range from playing cards to jewellery and accessories. There is something for everyone, so scroll down and take your pick of fun and useful gifts for bridge players.

One of the best gifts you can give any bridge player, from beginner through to players who are looking to improve their game is a year's membership to No Fear Bridge.  Players who live in the UK, Ireland or New Zealand will probably want to learn Acol bridge, so buy them membership for No Fear Bridge UK.  Players in most other countries will play American Standard bridge, so buy them membership for No Fear Bridge US.  (Sign up for the free 2 week trial, and then buy a year's membership.)

Members will find a wide range of lessons with fun activities to help improve bidding and play, a progress chart, fun quizzes, handouts, a bridge bidding cheat sheet and much much more. It really is the best way to learn bridge online whilst having fun.

Here is a quick look at some of the fun activities:

There is a weekly quiz aimed specifically at beginners, consisting of 10 multiple choice questions.

There is a wide selection of interactive tutorials covering bidding, play, defending and more.

There are also many tutorials specifically written to be iPad friendly.

A year's membership really is one of the best gifts that you could give to any beginning or improving bridge player.  It's fun, it's interactive and you learn at your own pace.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Bridge Gift Ideas for UK players

What better gift for a bridge playing friend or relative than a nice set of playing cards.  The chances are that your friend usually buys cheap cards that all look the same.  Treat your friend to a nice, high quality, set of cards.  Some of these cards come with beautiful pictures on the reverse side.

There are two basic types of card you can buy - standard index and jumbo index.  The jumbo index cards have larger numbers and suit symbols, making them easier to read for anyone with sight difficulties.

Here are a selection of beautiful playing cards.  All the cards here are available through Amazon UK.  If you purchase from a link here I will receive a small commission.  This doesn't affect the price you pay.

Jumbo Index


Standard Index UK

There are many other fun and useful gift ideas for bridge players.  These include fun items like jewellery, pens, mugs and practical items for people who like a game of bridge with friends in their house, such as bridge tables and table cloths.

Take a look at our selection below.  All items are easily ordered through Amazon.  Please note that we will receive a small amount of commission if you order via any of these links, but that it doesn't affect the price that you pay.

First - a fun tea towel.  You never know, it might encourage guests to help with the drying up between games of bridge!


Mugs are a fun gift for bridge players who enjoy inviting their friends round for a game.  You can purchase individual mugs or a set of 4.

How about a set of amusing serviettes to go with the mugs to help make sure that slice of cake doesn't cause too many sticky fingers and sticky playing cards?

To go with the mugs and serviettes, a set of card themed spoons would make a lovely present for a bridge player.

Everyone uses ball point pens, and a set of nice bridge themed pens would make a lovely gift for bridge players - useful and distinctive.  Perfect to carry in your handbag, or tuck into a jacket pocket and less easy to lose than a cheap supermarket or freebie pen.

  A useful and relatively inexpensive gift idea for a bridge player is a slanted paper block or some sticky notes to keep by the phone.

 A silver charm would be a lovely gift for someone to use a pendant or hang on a charm bracelet

For the gentleman in your life, especially someone who enjoys taking part in more formal bridge playing occasions, how about a set of cufflinks?

Bridge Bidding Boxes
Used by bridge players in clubs but also used by those who enjoy playing bridge with their friends or family at home.  Use bridge bidding boxes and you will never mis-hear a bid again.  Useful if one or more players have hearing difficulties.  No need to speak your bids, they are visible on the table for all to see.

Bridge Tables
If your friend or relatives enjoys playing bridge at home, why not buy them a folding bridge table?  The perfect size for a game of bridge with a non-slip surface, bridge tables fold away for easy storage when not in use.
Bridge Card Tablecloths
If your friend/relative already has a suitable size table for playing bridge, buy them a special tablecloth to use when they are playing bridge.  An excellent, low cost gift for bridge players.
Bridge Score Cards & Holders
An essential accessory for any bridge player who enjoys hosting their friends for a game of bridge. Bridge score cards do what it says on the tin! They allow you to keep the score.

Playing Card Holder
For players with difficulty gripping the cards, choose a card holder.

 Miscellaneous gifts for bridge players

 Bridge Software.  Blue Chip Bridge is especially for Acol bridge players of all levels.  Learn and have fun.

The perfect gift for the beginning or improving bridge player.  Teaching software that allows them to learn and improve their bridge play at home.  Bridge software from one of the leading bridge playing website, Bridge Base.

For Acol Bridge Players
Blue Chip Bridge is the ideal bridge teaching software for anyone who plays Acol bridge (mainly played in the UK, Ireland or New Zealand).  Beginning and improving players can have fun playing bridge against the computer, whilst learning at the same time.

No need to be connected to the internet.  Play anytime, anywhere.

There are several bridge software packages and most include levels from beginner upwards, including hints and tips to help you improve your play.

You'll find even more gifts for bridge players in the UK if you click here.